Great video of Police denying bailiffs eviction attempts! Research the truth about your mortgage!

A police officer must arrest a bailiff for breach of the peace, if he places the debtor in fear or violence or harm, if that offense is made in the presence of that officer.

This is a great information filled video with a great result with the police sergeant at the end disallowing the bailiffs entry on this eviction attempt. This is a rare case of the police knowing and upholding the actual law! Not standing aside and allowing or assisting the bailiffs entry which has been seen in so many other cases. For someone that doesn’t know the truth about what the banks and mortgage companies are doing, this is a great video to open your eyes to the big scam that has the majority of us hooked into.

Sgt Mo: To the bailiff: This is a CIVIL matter, and NOT a CRIMINAL matter if you get involved it will be a criminal issue. Their refusing, verbal resistance I’d advise you to walk away.’ This sergeant obviously knows and upholds the correct law of the land please do your own research into true law because it is a body of words that is used to control us.

If a police officer is in attendance and has assisted the bailiffs to gain entry or persuade a debtor to open the door. Then any levy the bailiffs make is void and the debtor can sue for damages. Skidmore vs. Booths.

‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.’ Margaret Mead

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“Is the Ex96 form signed from both companies? Warrant signed? Nobody has taken responsibility for these warrants, they have to be signed in wet, red ink. Who has made this order? Anybody could have stamped that warrant.” The Ex96 form is an internal court memo and is supported by any statute, its main purpose is to misguide the police to use unlawful force to execute any eviction, if faced with resistance. Fortunately some sergeants know they’re jobs and refuse to be fooled by it. The courts are aiding and betting. They’re covering it up. If an officer is playing a part in an illegal eviction, he is not acting within the law. “If you are a dishonoring your oath it is treason.”

Another video to watch is John Harris – Its all an illusion

The truth about law and the freeman on the land!!!

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Red reishi and its anti-cancer effects!!! The most powerful super food in the world!!!

‘Red reishi is known to activate the reticulo-endothelial system which builds white corpuscles within the body to strengthen the immune system improving its ability to combat diseases such as cancer.’

Red reishi mushroom (Ganoderma lucidum)

Red reishi has the ability to cure nearly any illness. Everyone and anyone at any given age can benefit from this super mushroom; it can strengthen the whole body. It has been used in China as a therapeutic adjunct to chemotherapy for its restorative impact on the immune system, as well as its ability to reduce side effects associated with chemotherapy and radiation treatments. In recent years it is becoming more accepted in western medicine as a complementary pharmacological aid in the treatment of cancer and other diseases.

This medicinal mushroom is 100% legal and you can buy relatively potent capsules from online stores for less than £5. It is the ‘miraculous king of herbs’ and has the same health benefits as prescribed medication but without the dreaded side effects. The first account of this mushroom and its health benefits was recorded in the 1st century BC and has been named ‘Gods herb’ for over 2000 years. Because of its rarity, it was only used by royalty and very wealthy individuals until the late 20th century.

In one study of 365 plants, it was categorized as being a superior herb and has more health benefits and fewer side effects if taken over a long period of time. In this study red reishi was found to be the number one medicinal herb with amazing results. I’m currently doing some extensive research into this mushroom for my new book ‘ancient herbs and medicines’ and once again, I am blown away from the findings. I have already written a lot about this in my last book ‘Wonderland’ but I focused most of my research on the mushrooms polysaccharides, now new evidence is coming to light about the triterpenoids, extracted from the Ganoderma spores and these are showing to have even greater health benefits. One study found that ‘triterpenoids isolated from Ganoderma spores shown significant anti-HIV-1 pro-tease, anti-tumor and anti-complement activities. They are the main active constituents of Ganoderma spores and show various bio activity for its medicinal use.’

Scientific research done on rats found that the majority lived 25% longer and one study showed that rats with a similar disease to Alzheimer’s reversed abnormalities in the animals. In conclusion, this mushroom may protect hippo-campus from oxidative impairment and energy metabolism disturbance. This may also provide useful information for future research on the pathogenesis and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease. Numerous studies have proven to tame allergies, high blood pressure, heart disease and to help fight inflammation. It strengthens the immune system, gives you a lot of energy and helps you to focus that energy. The potential is really limitless. Taking reishi can improve all internal organs and has been shown to work extremely well to improve almost all gastric conditions such as stomach and intestinal pain and constipation as well as their symptoms.

I could write all day about my experiences on this mushroom but I will document that all in the book. But, what I can say is after a lagging, dull feeling all week, last night I took two red reishi capsules and within five minutes I found myself researching and writing this article in its entirety. I have been using this mushroom for three years and since my first time, I have changed my whole life around. From being homeless for two and a half years to being a self-published author, all from the help of red reishi. I beg you all to do some of your own research into ‘Gods herb’ – Red reishi mushroom – Ganoderma lucidum .

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I love it, it is an easy read and if you are ready to swallow the red pill ‘quote’ then this is your moment. I love the links to videos and other information that once one starts to take in it is impossible to stop. With the fact that there is so much to find out and discover about how the world really is and NOT what we are told and taught and indoctrinated into Wonderland is a place to start, I would and have recommended Wonderland to many of my friends and encourage anyone and everyone to take the plunge.” Amazon customer

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The truth about cancer!!!

Cancer can be cured!!! Alkaline water, baking soda, ginger, turmeric, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, garlic and cannabis all prevent and kill cancer.


Don’t just blindly accept their treatments without doing your own personal research first!! Nutritional chemotherapy as the first line of defense!!!

The truth is!!! The pharmaceutical industry is not in the business of health and healing. Because in fact what the pharmaceutical industry is in the business of doing is disease maintenance and symptoms management. They are not in the business to cure cancer, to cure Alzheimer’s, to cure heart disease because if they were they would be in business of putting themselves out of business.
“I’m here to expose you to information about the most medicinal plant known to man – Hemp. Medical miracles are a common occurrence when you using oil derived from this specific medicinal plant” Rick Simpson – Run from the cure.


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Truth about cannabis!!

💨Legalization means so much more than recreational use!! ☮💯💨This plant has so many uses that the whole earth can benefit from!!🌏💨Research the truth about cannabis!!!


Activist tries to free a massive bag of herbal from the police!!!💯🙌👌💨 A £500,000 operation right by Buckingham palace!!! 👏✌️💯💨 Autonomous Nation of Anarchist Libertarians catch the pirates stealing someone’s plants and attempt to liberate it!!! ✌️ @socialexperimentalist


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Cannabis kills cancer!!!

Cancer can be cured!!! Alkaline water, baking soda, ginger, turmeric, cayenne pepper, cinnamon, garlic and cannabis all prevent and kill cancer.


Every single person that has cancer has a pH that is too acidic. In 1931 a man won the Nobel prize for proving that cancer can not survive in an alkaline, oxygen rich environment, but thrives in an acidic, low oxygen environment.
Total healing of chronic illness takes place only when and if the blood is restored to a normal, slightly alkaline pH. This information is so important for anyone who is battling an illness. Your body pH affects everything. Human blood stays in a very narrow pH range right around 7.3 below or above this range means symptoms of disease. When pH goes off microbial looking forms in the blood can change shape, mutate, mirror pathogenicity and grow. Enzymes that are constructive can become destructive and oxygen delivery to cells suffer. There have been a great number of miracles recorded. “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.


What if I told you… There are multiple cures for cancer, but they are suppressed because cancer is worth £160 billion a year!!



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Contrail Vs Chemtrail!!!

In this video you can clearly see the difference between a contrail and a chemtrail!!! Don’t believe the lies that the media tell you!!! We can all clearly see this on a daily basis!! Look up and Wake up!!! Google geoengineering!!!!!

Further research:

Aerosol Injection (“Chemtrails”) is by far the largest, most destructive program in human history. Those responsible for these epic increases in death and disease know that a single failure to cover up the ever-increasing mountain of dead bodies their crimes have produced will result in global governmental overthrows and in their own executions. Consequently, these historic criminals go to great lengths to cover up their unequivocal crime. Besides falsifying census numbers (as exposed by a prominent university professor but pulled from Routers news service just days after being published), they re-invent history.

The propaganda program now being utilized to deceive the public into believing:

(1) that jet trails are contrails, and
(2) that they have always been common,

is utilizing “revisionist scientism” (changing science history) to keep the public docile while breathing death-defying levels of toxic metals and chemicals being injected into the atmosphere daily right before the public’s eyes.

Never has it been more important for the public to understand that science can easily be falsified and that the history of science can – and is – also being falsified.

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Knowledge is power!!

Please do your own research into these subjects I have documented a lot of it in the book Wonderland but I can only show you the door, you have to walk through it!!! Research chemtrails, fluoride, GMO’s, lobbying, big pharma, royal bloodline, 1984, 911, operation paperclip, agenda 21 and the new world order!!! At some point you will have to stop running and take a stand. Either you, your children or your grandchildren. Better you than them!!!!


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