Wonderland by Russell Strand is available on Amazon!!! Get your copy now!! Discover & Learn!!!

Take a trip through Wonderland a place that’s full of your wildest dreams. It is an exciting journey into the mind of a modern researcher. ‘A real gem of a book’ with lots to subjects to learn about from ancient medicines, herbs and healings to meditation, spirituality, soul power and the seven stages of enlightenment. The author explains in depth identifies natural cancer killers, medicinal mushrooms and much more. These truths open the reader’s eyes to a whole new way of thinking. Wonderland is an interactive internet book, with links to web pages, videos and interviews allowing the reader to follow along online. This is the key to knowing all you’ve ever wanted to know. Take the red pill and follow the white rabbit into Wonderland.

Wonderland by Russell Strand is available on Amazon @ http://getBook.at/wonderlandb3

Discounted price on Lulu @ http://bit.ly/wonderlandlulupublishing


I love it, it is an easy read and if you are ready to swallow the red pill ‘quote’ then this is your moment. I love the links to videos and other information that once one starts to take in it is impossible to stop. With the fact that there is so much to find out and discover about how the world really is and NOT what we are told and taught and indoctrinated into Wonderland is a place to start, I would and have recommended Wonderland to many of my friends and encourage anyone and everyone to take the plunge.” Amazon customer

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