Fracking should be the number one concern for the UK!!

We need to unite and stand up to the mother-frackers Caudrilla this should be our main concern fracking affects us all!!! The people are currently standing up and protesting to stop this!! Why is this not getting the full attention it deserves? This should be getting as much attention as Standing rock!! One hundred people standing up to these tyrants have stopped work at the site for one day!!! More dedicated people are needed to wake up and Join the resistance!!!

People who can get to the Blackpool area can help stop this!!

For more information have a look at this group >>>  Fracking Nightmare (Facebook Group)


The UK Corporate Police State facilitating Mother-Frackers Cuadzilla on the evening of 8th March 2017, at Preston New Road, Near Blackpool, Uk

What is fracking? Hydraulic fracturing, is drilling for oil or natural gas. Injecting four million gallons of water into the ground at high pressure in order to fracture the shale rocks, to release natural gas.

 Fracking is already happening in a lot of countries, with bad results of poisoned water systems and large tremors. As you have probably heard, now they have started drilling in the English countryside too!! In France fracking has been banned, as it was found too dangerous and is not the best method for extraction.

‘In the Uk shale gas exploration was suspended in 2011 because of two minor rumbles. The result was the establishment of an obsession with artificial earthquakes which doesn’t come anywhere close to revealing the true scale of fracking’s dangers.

The process requires vast amounts of water – one million gallons of water per well. This has to be pumped with chemicals which pose a big environmental risk to aquifers if handled incorrectly. Failure of the well’s integrity has been the biggest problem in the US.

Then there is potential damage in terms of air quality, noise and the visual impact on the landscape.’ (Sourced @

Do your own research into the dangers of fracking!!!

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