Great video of Police denying bailiffs eviction attempts! Research the truth about your mortgage!

A police officer must arrest a bailiff for breach of the peace, if he places the debtor in fear or violence or harm, if that offense is made in the presence of that officer.

This is a great information filled video with a great result with the police sergeant at the end disallowing the bailiffs entry on this eviction attempt. This is a rare case of the police knowing and upholding the actual law! Not standing aside and allowing or assisting the bailiffs entry which has been seen in so many other cases. For someone that doesn’t know the truth about what the banks and mortgage companies are doing, this is a great video to open your eyes to the big scam that has the majority of us hooked into.

Sgt Mo: To the bailiff: This is a CIVIL matter, and NOT a CRIMINAL matter if you get involved it will be a criminal issue. Their refusing, verbal resistance I’d advise you to walk away.’ This sergeant obviously knows and upholds the correct law of the land please do your own research into true law because it is a body of words that is used to control us.

If a police officer is in attendance and has assisted the bailiffs to gain entry or persuade a debtor to open the door. Then any levy the bailiffs make is void and the debtor can sue for damages. Skidmore vs. Booths.

‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.’ Margaret Mead

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“Is the Ex96 form signed from both companies? Warrant signed? Nobody has taken responsibility for these warrants, they have to be signed in wet, red ink. Who has made this order? Anybody could have stamped that warrant.” The Ex96 form is an internal court memo and is supported by any statute, its main purpose is to misguide the police to use unlawful force to execute any eviction, if faced with resistance. Fortunately some sergeants know they’re jobs and refuse to be fooled by it. The courts are aiding and betting. They’re covering it up. If an officer is playing a part in an illegal eviction, he is not acting within the law. “If you are a dishonoring your oath it is treason.”

Another video to watch is John Harris – Its all an illusion

The truth about law and the freeman on the land!!!

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