Contrail Vs Chemtrail!!!

In this video you can clearly see the difference between a contrail and a chemtrail!!! Don’t believe the lies that the media tell you!!! We can all clearly see this on a daily basis!! Look up and Wake up!!! Google geoengineering!!!!!

Further research:

Aerosol Injection (“Chemtrails”) is by far the largest, most destructive program in human history. Those responsible for these epic increases in death and disease know that a single failure to cover up the ever-increasing mountain of dead bodies their crimes have produced will result in global governmental overthrows and in their own executions. Consequently, these historic criminals go to great lengths to cover up their unequivocal crime. Besides falsifying census numbers (as exposed by a prominent university professor but pulled from Routers news service just days after being published), they re-invent history.

The propaganda program now being utilized to deceive the public into believing:

(1) that jet trails are contrails, and
(2) that they have always been common,

is utilizing “revisionist scientism” (changing science history) to keep the public docile while breathing death-defying levels of toxic metals and chemicals being injected into the atmosphere daily right before the public’s eyes.

Never has it been more important for the public to understand that science can easily be falsified and that the history of science can – and is – also being falsified.

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