The truth about cannabis and cancer!!!

 They know what this plant can do and has done. The enormous amount of scientific research that has been done worldwide can no longer be ignored. The line ‘no recognized medicinal use outside research’ is a load of bull, the fact is they are already growing and selling it under the name Savitex owned by Bayer Healthcare. It is only a matter of time before this plant is properly acknowledged for its many uses medicine, food, oil, fuel, and paper. Plus the positive changes it could have on the economy, pollution, world hunger, violence, climate change, mental health crime, revenue creation and saving tax money. This plant is not a drug it is medicine. The government says ‘cannabis is a drug and can cause damage to human health’ the truth is substantial scientific evidence is being ignored that shows it causes no more damage to human health than what alcohol and tobacco does. Don’t just take my word for it question everything, research it for yourself the truth about cannabis and see the wonders it can do for our planet.

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